Agent Orange

The Aftermath

       When Agent Orange was first used in 1962, it's main purpose was to clear the foliage to remove hiding places for the Vietnamese. When it was sprayed over the jungle it would occasionally land on Vietnamese soldiers, which caused a very painful death from chemical burns. After the chemical was sprayed American soldiers marched through the area that had recently been cleared, causing them to be exposed to the chemical.

    The resulting in spraying Agent Orange and exposing the American and Vietnamese soldiers to it, caused cancer and type 2 diabetes. The United States government pays for the medical treatment of the American veterans and the Vietnamese government pay for the medical treatment of the Vietnam veterans. When Agent Orange was sprayed, many Vietnamese soldiers were exposed and it got into their water systems and soil. The lasting effects on the Vietnamese citizens were very disturbing birth defects such as the picture above. This also included children being born with their skin covering their eyes, oblong shaped heads, very deformed body figures and many other things. The children suffered from these terrible defects because while their mothers were pregnant, they drank the contaminated water or ate crops from contaminated soil, causing the prenatal cells to mutate.